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Was Jeremy Corbyn a Better Labour leader than Kier Starmer

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WHo was the better party leader for Labour

Corbyn 45%
Total votes: 11
Was it Blair who said you always win in the centre? Labour has flirted with the left in Corbyn and what a disaster that was. The Tories have flirted with the right in Liz Truss and that was even worse. Both Sunak and Starmer understand that the centre ground is where the swing takes place. However the damage being inflicted on the Tories as a result of the Tory MP misdemeanours and the Covid inquiry is so severe I can see him lurching back to the right in a desperate bid to try and maintain the core Tory vote.
Make no mistake, Starmer is a far right-winger. If you think that things will be any different under Labour, you are deluding yourself.
I can't imagine a worse 21st century political leader of any mainstream English political party than Jeremy Corbyn.

I'm no fan of Keir Starmer or much of traditional Labour ideologies.
But as Labour leader at least he put much of his efforts into reining in all the: revolutionaries, antisemetic jew hating racists, STWC & UAF elements and the most vocal of crank conspiracy theorists obsessed with depicting terror groups committed to the destruction of the jewish state of Israel as 'friendly' or heroic egalitarians.
Corbyn was a terrible leader for Labour. Regardless of what you thought of his policies, the man was terrible at communicating and never made the effort to reach out to people who didn't agree with him (the people he needed to win elections). Blair did the opposite by moving Labour to the centre ground. Starmer is trying to emulate that strategy.

Corbyn also hated the media. Rightly or wrongly, you need the media on your side otherwise they will only display you in a negative light. Blair was very clever to get the support of Murdoch, Starmer seems to be doing the same. You can't win an election with the entire press against you.
Nah mate, Starmer's just a tory in a red tie. Nothing will change if he becomes PM.
At least Corbyn had clear goals and policies despite the controversy, can’t say the same thing about Starmer so Corbyn got my vote in the poll.

Starmer stands for nothing in my opinion.
Jeremy Corbyn was a historically bad Labour leader, and Starmer is on the edge of power.
Corbyn was toxic to a large proportion of the electorate, he lost two elections when the Conservatives were in disarray, and his performances as leader of the opposition were woeful.

Corbyn was an absolute gift to the Conservative Party.
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Corbyn said what he meant , not what he thinks wants ppl to hear
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Original post by Coffeemetro
Nah mate, Starmer's just a tory in a red tie. Nothing will change if he becomes PM.

And we are heading straight for privatised healthcare under his government.

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