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Issue with asda shifts

So I recently got a seasonal contract at asda and I don't know if this is a mistake however I've been scheduled for a 9 hour shift on the Saturday but I'm pretty sure this is illegal as I'm 17 and I was told I'd be doing 5 hour shifts however when I asked some members of my family they said that the store would justify it by giving me a 1 hour break so that I'm not technically working 9 hours but idk if what they're saying is right because at mcdonalds the max shift I could be put on was 8 hours and I had a 45 minute break within those 8 hours meaning I didn't technically work for the full shift time and yet they couldn't give me any longer hours so I was just wondering if this was okay and normal for asda to do
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I don't know if it's illegal for them to do this but if it is a lot of businesses do it and get away with it.

You'd have to check your contract or ask your manager if you wanted to be certain.

I also work at mcdonalds and our contracts are specifically designed for students (at least mine is) which is why we can pretty much change our hours whenever and have unlimited time off, within reason.

I just suggest asking your manager if it's a problem or asking to lower your hours.

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