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should i deactivate instagram for a while?

i'm having a pretty rough time in all areas of my life nowadays. i graduated three and a half months ago and still no job, talking to a guy who i recently discovered has probably been playing me for four months, struggling with my mental health and have lost all passion in any hobbies i had previously. most of my time is spent scrolling in bed, which makes me feel worse because 1) it's unproductive and 2) i see everyone else progressing in life when i am completely stuck right now.

the thought of deactivating my instagram has crossed my mind a few times in the past few weeks. i have deleted the app multiple times but i don't have the self control to not just check through the safari app or on a computer. if i deactivated, i wouldn't be forced to see what other people are doing. it'd disrupt my compulsions to check the guy i like's instagram 100 times a day because all it does is hurt my feelings and further confirm my worries that he's leading me on. maybe it'd force me to get up and do something with my day and get my life together rather than rotting me away.

however, instagram is one of the main methods i use to talk with friends. if i deactivate, they'll definitely notice and i kinda don't want to bring attention to my bad mental health and circumstances. i also don't want them to think i'm attention seeking by disappearing without a word.

do you think i should deactivate it for a while? anyone had positive experiences of taking a break from social media?
t feels good but if you will engage in things like job/yoga/gym/or any events/travelling/ things you love actually, it might work

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