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Hi peeps!

I was wondering if anyone has done an investigation into the effects of temperature on catalase enzymes from liver organs? I normally get the same cwk off the net to compare and use ideas, but i ve tried n can't really find any.

Anyway, the point being that I need help analysing the results. Any ideas?

I would be grateful if all you people done this cswk can help me

SinSan xx
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ive done coursework investigating the effect of surface area of the liver (containing catalase) on the catalysis of the substrate hydogen peroxide to water and oxygen.

i havent done the exact same thing as your doing, but i can guess that u'd have to heat up a solution containing the enzyme catalase from the liver to many different temperatures, or u'd have to heat up the substrate to many different temp's- depending on the title of your coursework.

when have the results, you'll see that enzymes have an optimum temperature of around 40 degees (cant remember if its that or 50), and enzymes will work fastest at their optimum temperature b4 they denature at around 60 degrees C. if plotted on a graph the rate of the enzyme catalysed reaction (on the y axis) would be highest at around 40-50 degrees C, b4 dropping as the temperature increases, and enzyme active-sites and tertiary structure deforms and change, denaturing the enzymes, and slowing down the reaction.

cant remember anything else, but there is probably alot that i have missed, so dont take my words for gospel, and keep researching, im just sorry i couldnt help more
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Thanks, i ve done the expt the results seem ok now i know what the optimum temperature should have been. Anywayz I appreciate ur help. I ve just got the evaluation 2 do. Its an ongoing process..................

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