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ARM Graduate Roles 2024 Advice

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can help me. I am currently in the anxiety ridden period of my life, otherwise known as grad job hunting. Graduated with 2:1 in Comp Sci so not exactly an academic genius, but I have been trying to get into some Tech pathways.

ARM have a few which appeal to me. I particularly like the sound of PMO Analyst, but I’ve also applied for the Security Analyst role and Planning and Delivery Analyst role.

The application process is slightly different to those I have done before in that you have an account and you simply add the documents to that. Then you can just apply through your account to the roles.

Although it does not explicitly state that you can’t apply for multiple, given that my account will need 3 separate cover letters, I’m wondering if this will be frowned upon? Also 2 of these roles are really rather similar and so my cover letters will no doubt be extremely similar too.

If anyone has any advice that would be massively appreciated. Also if anyone else has any tips on how to deal with the anxiety of rejection and each day feeling like you are closer to failure then that would be massively appreciated too. I’m absolutely dreading Monday where I fear I will hear back from others companies schemes about whether or not I make it to the next stage.


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