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I am an international applicant applying to St Andrews and I recently got the message to upload all of my test results to the portal. I have two ACT scores that I can upload of 33 and 34. I also have a Superscore that is the same as my second attempt, as it was the highest in all categories. Should I upload all three (the first sitting, second sitting, and superscore)? Just the Superscore? Or just the two sittings without the superscore? I know that most likely they would accept any of these combinations, but I also understand that it is super competitive and I want to make sure I put my best foot forward.
I also don't want them to think that I am omitting anything, but my math score in my first attempt is pretty low and if they accept superscore anyway, I wonder if I should just submit that and the second sitting where I did my best so they know it was in one sitting. Also, my second sitting was in October after I submitted my UCAS application, so they also have my report of my 33, but not my 34.
(I am very aware that I am totally overthinking this, but I need a second opinion so I don't mess this up)
Thank you!
I was in the same situation but for the SAT. I would upload just the two attempts without superscore, since that's easiest for the uni to interpret and sometimes schools want to see all scores you've ever gotten (not sure abt St Andrews, but both are good scores so I don't think there's any harm sending both.
St Salvators Quad, University of St Andrews
University of St Andrews
Usually when applying via UCAS you are required to add all your test scores - you don't get to choose which ones to submit or superscore, UCAS just requires you add all of them.

If you're applying directly to St Andrews somehow and not via UCAS then it will be up to them so see what they say on the matter.

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