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A level history without GCSE

I'm interested in taking a level history but for some reason didn't take the GCSE, despite the fact that history is one of my passions.

The two main topics my school are doing is the Tudors and the American dream. Does anyone do these topics and if so how do you find them? I know the a-level is hard and a lot of work but I am willing to do it and think the subject suits me.

Also does it really make any difference that I didn't take it at GCSE level?
If its a passion of yours and you are well read i do not see a problem.
A level History is in depth and a challenge , i did A level after GCSE.
However i did Ancient History without the corresponding GCSE knowing next to nothing about the period.
Though like yourself History has always been a passion and i have read literally hundreds of books.
So yes, i would say perfectly doable, and i am sure you can do it. Go for it!

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