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What is the best skincare routine

So I turned 20 recently and I'm a man. I've spent so much money on different products like snail mucin etc. I don't have a clue how to see a dermatologist in the UK as my GP's arent referring me I've been given medications like benzoyl peroxide for acne which worked but after using for 2 years I'm probably resistant and the gp has given me adapalene now. I want to know is simple skincare really the best or are the 10 step Korean ones better? I'm thinking of just cutting to AM - no cleanser just wash face with water, moisturiser then spf and on PM - cleanser, Adapalene some days, moisturiser and take away things like snail mucin. Will this give me that clean glowy skin I see people get? I have combo/oily skin I think

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