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GCSE computer science 2024

I’m doing gcse computer science and my GCSE’s are in 2024. Last year many people said the the 2023 exams were very hard so will we also get the same level of difficulty as last year or will it become a bit more easier. Thanks.
Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to that question, your paper is likely to be easier than the year before, at least if the one they had was extremely harsh (more so than average), however, (this is where the no straight answer part kicks in) these papers are written many years in advance, so it is also completely likely that you could get a similar if not more difficult paper than the year before.
The best advice is not to go off and hedge your bets off the expectation that everything will be easy when you open the paper, but given enough preparation you could easily find any question a breeze.
You should have plenty of time from now until your GCSE exams so no matter what it is likely you will do well!

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