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Compelling personal reasons

I have studied a course of 3 years. Because of Covid I have failed my third year. I have used my gift year after to retake year 3. Because I got really sick I had to withdraw from year 3 and I couldn't finish it. This year I started again year 3 and I have applied for CPR for my student finance which got approved. I have started university in September and now I was notified that because not being able to attend regularly my student status will be terminated so basically I am being kicked out from university. I have had good reason why I haven't been able to attend as my mother has been really really sick and I had to fly home all the time. Am I able to apply again with CPR if I want to do a top up year at another University as I really want my level 6 or I can not apply for same year.
Thank you
Alina Bivolaru
Hi Alinaanabellac,

Yes, there is not a limit to how many times you can apply for CPR for undergraduate courses.


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