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What Universities to apply for with A*A*B predicted (Comp Sci)

I am currently predicted A*A*B (Maths, Computer Science and Physics respectively) as well as AS Further Maths (I do not have a predicted grade for this as I am studying it externally). A few of the Universities I have been looking at are asking for either A*A*A or A*AA and I'm not sure whether the A*AA courses would except A*A*B as I've heard some Unis don't accept them as equivalent (I have emailed them to ask and am waiting for a response). I'm currently thinking of applying for Computer Science at Bath and UCL (A*A*A), Southampton (A*AA) and Edinburgh (AAB). I've also chosen to apply for Computer Systems Engineering at Warwick (A*AA), which I'm guessing will most definitely prefer an A in Physics. I'm planning on changing Bath and Southampton to lower choices just in case the Unis don't like the B, so does anyone have any general advice about my situation, or any recommendations for Unis which i could switch Bath and Southampton out for. I know UCL may be a bit of a stretch, but I'm hoping that the AS Further Maths and a strong personal statement should hopefully mean they at least consider me.
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