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Boyfriend help- awkward situation

I recently found out my boyfriend didn't tell his parents that my dad died the other year. I was going out with my boyfriend when my dad died, and just assumed he would've told them at the time. He didn't tell them till they directly asked about him, years later. Is this weird? why would he do this?
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My daughter does not share all about her b/f and his family; I have to ask otherwise id never know, but its early days only a few months. Perhaps the reason why he did not say at the time your dad passed was because he wanted you not to be too upset by other people talking about your dad. But as time goes on, I would have thought he would have mentioned it at some point. Its worth asking why. Perhaps hes one of those people who thinks because its personal to you, he thinks it's improper to share because of fear of upsetting you.

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