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Hi! I've done level 1 and 2 H&C and I'm in my final year of level 3.

Thought I'd make this thread for other people doing the course since there aren't many resources online, I've put a link to my quizlets for the course, feel free to correct them if anything is wrong. I think I have stuff for unit 4, 5 and 7 so far.
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Hi! I've done level 1 and 2 H
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if u go on my quizlet profile there should be more, the unit 5 ones will be outdated if you're doing the same qualification as me, it was an exam when I did it and they changed it to an assessment this yr. But idk about the others.

If u do make any revision materials try to turn them into quizlets or something so there are more resources for people!

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