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Missed oriel Speciality training deadline


I do not know if anyone will be able to help, but due to some issues, I missed the oriel GP deadline yesterday.

Is there any way I can get around this? Also, I was preparing to sit the MSRA in Jan 24 so what do i do now :frown:
I would consider it very unlikely that they would accept a late application. I presume you can't even access the online form any more?

Obviously I'm not 100% sure, so by all means email or phone them to ask, but I can't imagine they'd let you apply late.

In your situation, I'd probably do locums or a clinical fellow job next year, and apply to GP when the next round of applications opens.
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You will have to wait until the next application cycle.
They do not accept late applications. Make sure you double check the dates next time and submit as soon as it opens to prevent this happening again.
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I doubt they will accept a late application. Sorry this has happened. Locuming might be a good idea in the meantime.

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