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I am currently in year 11 and I really don’t want to be in school for another 2 years as book learning isn’t my thing. I’ve been looking into apprenticeships in basically everything and I want to find an apprenticeship where I can progress decently career wise and get paid decently. Most apprenticeships I’ve found are either not going to give me good opportunities long term or need at least a levels. I wouldn’t mind going into finance, accounting , engineering especially the energy sector and pretty much any office job. I also don’t mind how hard I need to work because I’m quite dedicated to what I do. I’ve also heard in certain careers like accounting, starting as an apprentice and working for your qualification is better than studying in a class.

For context I’m predicting decent grades for all my subjects mostly from 6(B) to 9(A*)
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I would start by having a look on here.

You would need A levels for a degree apprenticeship but with good GCSE results you could be looking at some of the more advanced level 3 apprenticeships. I appreciate you want to be paid well but remember if you are doing A levels you won't be paid at all and if you go to university again you will be sacrificing three years you could've been earning and running up a big student debt. So I think I would be taking this into account along with prospects for future career progression.

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