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Transferring to any Uni for second year.

Hi, im a new poster here and am looking for some advice. The title says it all im currently at a uni (id rather not say which) that im studying electrical engineering at after getting in with sub-par grades. I had spent the last 2 years in a bit of a mental rut because of a lot of family issues that really hindered my ability to study as during my GCSES i was an A* student but during A-levels i really flopped (D's and C's including maths) as my parents are really against me retaking as ive already messed up and i would be "wasting time" hence the bad placement thankfully i am in a much better place now and am gratefully i got into engineering at all as well as now performing really well at uni. So i was wondering if there were any "good" unis that do electrical engineering regardless of region as i dont want to move courses but also are more flexible in terms of A-levels as most i look at say you have to reach their entry requirements at least on top of good uni performance which i dont meet, any help would be greatly apricated.

Sorry for rambling on and thank you.

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