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Switching from Chemistry to Cosmetic Science

I'm currently in my first year studying chemistry at one of the top unis in the country, but I've found that it is really poorly organised and the lecturers are awful at communicating the content in an understandable way. So I've decided to interrupt my studies for now, giving me time to decide whether I should withdraw and reapply in Jan or come back next year with a more prepared mindset. I also found that Cosmetic Science at UAL interests me a lot since it has a lot more relevance to the field I want to go into, I'll learn more applicable skills and the lecturers are all professionals in the field. But is it too risky abandoning the versatile chemistry degree at a top uni for a degree that may be too specialised. I don't really know what to do, because I got all A*s in my Alevels whereas the Cosmetic Science course only requires passes so it kind of feels l may be aiming too low, especially since it feels like you only get one shot at making the best decision. Also I would be going from a very academic university to an arts university. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :smile:
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I'm in the cosmetic industry. I think university programs in cosmetic science are interesting and you will learn useful information, however, it would be better (from a career standpoint) for you to continue in a general Chemistry or Chemical Engineering degree. There are limited number of jobs in the cosmetic industry and most people who work there now do not have specialized degrees. In fact, some companies (like L'Oreal) prefer to hire Chemical Engineers and then train them in their

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