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What is an ‘interruption of studies’ at Kingston University?

For lots of people, heading to university is one of the most exciting times of their life. Apart from your first taste of freedom and independence, attending university can help establish your knowledge base in your future career field, as well as developing life-long friends and connections.

However, sometimes circumstances can get in the way and prevent you from fully engaging with your studies. Whether it's bereavement, illness or other personal circumstances, taking an interruption of studies allows you to take a temporary break from your course with the intention of returning at a later, specified date. It means you don't have to withdraw from your course or worry about reapplying - instead, you can simply take some time out to improve your headspace or sort any issues out at home.

There are two types of interruption, both of which require approval from your Course Leader:
- Break (if you request the interruption after you have enrolled for that academic year)
- Dormant (if you request the interruption before you have enrolled for that academic year).

You can interrupt your studies for either part of the academic year, or the whole year. You can then request to restart precisely at the point you stopped, or alternatively restart at the beginning of the academic year and discount all assessments taken during that year.

You won't be charged additional fees for interrupting your studies, but there may be implications for your tuition fee and maintenance loans. You should discuss any financial implications with the Student Money Advisors or the Accounts Receivable team.

There's also no academic penalty for requesting an interruption of studies, but it's worth remembering you can only request a maximum of two consecutive periods of Interruptions. For more information, check out our enrolment FAQs on the Kingston University website, or contact the Course Student and Administration team through your faculty noticeboard on MyKingston.

Ideally, no student would need an interruption from their studies - but if you do, I hope this information has helped you. :smile: As always, if you've any questions, feel free to drop them down below.

- Eve (Kingston Rep).

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