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Uni attendance impacting references?

Hi, I'm a second year student and due to a mix of personal reasons, my attendance has unfortunately been poor for first year and the initial semester of second year.

I am enjoying my course, and have been getting fairly good grades so far. I plan to improve my attendance throughout the rest of second year, but also to commute from home in third which means I will still be attending some, but not all, lectures.

As I plan to do my masters after graduating, I worry that my low attendance (even if it is still partial in third year, when work is mainly independent dissertation based anyways) might impact my future references. I was just wondering if anyone knew if references may mention attendance levels even if grades are a good standard?
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We wouldn't usually mention attendance, but if your attendance is so bad we barely know a student, we might simply decline to provide a reference, or (in some ways worse), give a half-arsed one.
Agree with gjd800, (which is no surprise).

I work in postgrad admissions and can’t recall many refs in support of a PG app which commented on attendance. But I’ve seen a lot which were paper thin, regurgitating info about the uni, course, referee, grades etc. Basically anything apart from demonstrating that they know much about the applicant :smile:

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