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What action should i do

I enrolled for CMI with MOL last September of 2020. I only attended 1 or 2 meetings i dont remember. However, i have been experienceing high level of anxiety and depression so I asked them if I can defer my study along with my payment. They said they can only give me certain months to continue with payment. So I asked if its okay to get deferred and continue once Im okay and they said yes. Now im having the same issues and called them back but they said they cant find any record and will call back . 3 weeks have passed no call back or anything. Called them multiple times but im not getting anywhere. And now i have been absent from work for days now due to stress and health issues which i asked them if i can stop the payment and co tinue again by march. I am only few minths away of completion of payment. Im just having difficulties.

Any thoughts or ideas is highly appreciated.

I went here for help not to be bashed thanks.
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