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How many years of SFE loan should I select

I am currently applying for BSc Data Science (R38) degree at the Open University. I plan on starting my first module in Feb 2024. A full year with all credits costs £6935 but I will only study 2 modules this academic year and 2 modules the next academic year. From then on I plan on studying the full credits for the final 2 years. Therefore I plan on completing my course in 3.5 academic years.

When applying for part time funding, the application form asks how many years my course will be. I selected 4 and that I am applying for my first year now. The fee for this year came up as £6935 but I will actually be charged £3462. Should I just leave it as £6935 or change it to £3462?

Also since the Open university is pay per module does it matter how much I apply for.

Hope it makes sense as I wrote this in a hurry

Thanks in advance
Hi E6hdushsidyjw,

I would advise once you have made your application that you ask the Open University to contact us to advise of the correct tuition fees.


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