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Cambridge Medicine Interview

I had my interview today for Cambridge. I think it went ok, especially the second one. In the first interview I was asked a question on a topic which I hadn’t covered yet at A level, so I really struggled with it as I didn’t even know the basics of what I was discussing. This meant I guessed most of the answers, and most of my guesses were wrong but I think I showed good reasoning to try and work through the problem. The second part was on something I was more familiar with and I was able to make a better attempt.
The second interview went much better and they were on topics I had covered, I answered a lot of the questions correct even without prompts from the interview and showed my reasoning throughout.
However in both interviews I kept making simple factual errors that I was corrected on, maybe 4 times throughout the entire thing. I knew all of these things but I think I allowed nerves to get the better of me and blurted out something wrong. I’m worried that this will be the reason I don’t get offered a place.
I honestly have no idea how it went, I didn’t know how to feel afterwards, I felt challenged but was annoyed at my performance in the first interview. Anyone have any advice?
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Honestly, I don't really think you can predict how it went. There's probably not much point overthinking it now, but I realise that's much easier said than done. Good luck!

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