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I have a crush, what do I do?

Hey. So, I’m in year 11 - I’m 16, and I think I have a crush on a boy in some of my classes. I think he’s really sweet, and kind of want to ask him out, but I have a few reasons for not doing so.

1. I don’t know if he has a partner or not, and I don’t want to do anything to interfere in a relationship if he has.

2. I don’t know if he likes me back. One time in another class about a month ago one of his friends asked me if I had a crush on anyone and I laughed it off (because I’m not about to admit that!) and I started overthinking it after.

I think he’s really kind, smart and cute but I don’t want to risk making things awkward between us. I’m really nervous, so if anyone had any advice who’d been through similar things I’d really appreciate it.


Edit: Hey! So, no, I have not made any moves on him, but people keep asking me if I like him and my friends all say he's crushing hard, so I was thinking of asking him at some point before the half term! I hope you're all having a good time :smile:
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Ask him to hang out sometime, and when you're alone tell him you like him and you'd like to explore a relationship with him. Ask him out on a date with romantic intent. It may sound awkward, risky, etc etc, but it really is the best way to go. It is how adults communicate and leaves no ambiguity. Sending someone signals in the hopes that they notice them is usually a waste of effort and time.

If he dislikes you, he'll say no. If he likes you, or doesn't have an opinion of you, he'll likely say yes. Most boys would be absolutely ECSTATIC if a girl came up to them and asked them out. It rarely happens.

If you guys already know each other and are friends, that's all the better, because you're already comfortable around each other. If he says he doesn't want to have a relationship with you, things will not be awkward unless you make them awkward. If he says no, you can move past it and continue being friends.

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