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Change degrees?

Hey, wondering if anyone can make any suggestions.I’m in my first term at uni studying neuroscience. I love the city I’m in, have made some great friends, can do my old job alongside and it’s a good uni. The issue lays with my course. I was never particularly sure about what degree I wanted to do, but was sort of forced into picking one in 6th form. I took 2 years out doing a job I have always dreamed of doing however it’s now time to go back into education and get a degree as the job I was doing isn’t realistic to do forever (lots of physical exercise, hard days and not great pay) though I miss it so so much. When I was first picking my degree back in school I was debating doing neuroscience or environmental studies. I felt that environmental studies would lead to more career prospects I would like (I want to work outside and be hands on, I certainly don’t want to work in a lab). The idea of studying neuroscience however fascinated me as I loved the idea of learning about the biology behind psychiatric disorders etc. I therefore applied for that. A term in I’m not sure I’ve made the right choice, the degree has very little psychology in/ more interesting parts of neuroscience until 3rd year and after 2 years working I know for a fact I don’t want a lab or researched based job. I’m struggling with the fact I’m not currently interested in the content, most likely won’t be until 3rd year and given that I don’t see a job at the end of this specific degree I have no motivation. I can’t wrap my head around doing it just for the sake of it. I appreciate all degrees will have elements some people don’t like but I’m not loving much so far at all. I’m considering whether I should change courses though that means another year out. I think i could get through the course, I mean it’s a bit like alevels, I worked hard to try and get gd grades and that was that but now I’mNot sure if it’s worth carrying on with this if I don’t see a job prospect at the end or do I just long it out?
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Make the cut sooner rather than later. It us clear to me that You've really made your decision and you are just asking for others to endorse it. Follow your gut on this.

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