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Hi all,

I have been offered a place on a pre-reg MSc Orthoptics course at Liverpool. Are there any Orthoptists on here?

I want to find out a bit more about job prospects, because there do not appear to be many Orthoptist vacancies on NHS Jobs.

Within the NHS, are Orthoptists eligible to apply for any other positions/perform other roles within Ophthalmology?

Also, are there any opportunities for Orthoptists to work in high street opticians/private practice? I have no doubt that I would find the job to be fascinating and rewarding, it is just the jobs market which concerns me.

Thanks in advance.
have you found anything out? i've been having the same concerns as i have an unconditional offer for orthoptics at gcu, which i might accept! rather worried that if there are jobs available i'd need to move quite the distance to get it :frown:
Orthoptists can become specialised in an extended role within ophthalmology but they would still be orthoptists. A high street optician is unlikely to have an orthoptist in the practice as an optometrist can give simple orthoptic exercises or prisms. Private practice as an orthoptist is possible but I would imagine it is only really feasible for an experienced orthoptist who wouldn't need the same guidance as a newly qualified.
Orthoptists are in demand, with more demand down south and jobs come out regularly but it is probable you would have to move to get a job, but if you are able to work another job and wait for a job to possibly come up near where you are then that's an option.

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