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Do I have a right to not respond?

I have long distant relatives who I haven't met before in my whole life, they have not been in my childhood or have seen me grow into the person I am today.

I have friends who I'd class as family than my distant relatives.

Out of nowhere a distant relative has got hold of my mobile number and tried to call me. I felt angry that they got hold of my number, because I didn't give it to them.

I decline the phone call and didn't respond. I don't know who they are, they're just strangers to me. I just found the situation very awkward, I'm in shock right now.

I don't want to build a relationship to them.

Did I do the right thing?
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Of course you have a right to not respond. You don't owe anything to anyone.

How do you know it was a distant relative calling you though?
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My friends has issues with their mother and they're not talking.

I find this challenging because I lost my own mum a few years ago and I miss her a lot. My life hasn't been the same without her, it will never be the same ever.

I want to say to my friend that they are selfish for not talking to their mum, and basically to tell my friend to "shut up" and be "f****** grateful" for what they've got.

I know our parents/mothers aren't the same

Is this the best way to respond? any thoughts
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It's probably best not to because you don't know what's happened and it'll probably make things worse. I would ask what's happened and try and be supportive

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