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i missed alot of school ( 3months ) but still want to Get Top grades GCSE

i am in year 11 so i feel quite hopeless that i would not get top grades because of anxiety so any tips will help me . thank you
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Which GCSE subjects do you take and what level are you working at for each of them? In general I would say don’t be hard on yourself - you still have plenty of time before GCSES! This Winter holidays I’d say focus on searching up the specifications for all of your subjects, and go through each spec point, aiming to make notes on the points you definitely don’t know, using your textbooks/ the internet to help you. Make sure to let the school know about your anxiety - teachers will be more than happy to help you catch up, whether it’s giving some extra tutoring, some advice on dealing with anxiety in the exam hall, or advice on studying in general. Good luck with your GCSEs 🙂
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