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Should I take this module?

I have a lot of considerations but I'm just gonna keep it short.
Basically there's a module that I'm quite interested in taking in Term 2. In fact the subject matter is smtg I'm highly passionate in and am already taking other supplementary modules. 2 main challenges here:
1) It is quite hard (previous years' marks are not promising)
2) (And this is the biggest, biggest problem). There MIGHT be another student who's taking it. This student has previously wrecked my life before and forced me to take a year out to recoup. I've cut him out already for more than a year now, and am doing fine and am making good progress.

However, I am quite sure that if I were to meet him again, my mental health will change for the worse and I will not be able to focus, because he will harass me or press his negativity on me, at the very least. I don't wish to see this person ever again for my mental health.

Right now, I'm not 100% sure if he'll be in the class. What I do know:
1) I saw him post publicly in the class forum that he's taking that module
2) He told me back then that he might be repeating the year (but idk if he did), that's why we might still be in the same year group

What do I do?
If this is a subject you are highly passionate about then I don't really see either of these options being a valid reason not to take this module.

While previous years marks might be crap if you like really like the module you will find it easier to study for it and get better marks. Every module has high scorers and its the people who like the subject and put effort into it, so as long as you have a passion for this subject don't worry about the scores.

This other person you speak about taking the module does not sound ideal but are you really gonna let some dude you don't like prevent you from doing something you are "highly passionate" about? Obviously you don't want to see someone you don't like but then again no one does. Are you gonna give him the power to prevent you from doing something you are passionate about for an entire term? Even if he does press his negativity on you I am sure you can ignore it or if it gets really bad contact someone appropiate about it then proceed to rinse him in the exam.

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