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UCAS Deadline!!!!!!!!!!!! 😨
The UCAS deadline is soon approaching!! The deadline is the 31st January 2024 at 6pm (18:00) for the 2024 undergraduate applications. This is for all undergraduate course except those with a 16 October deadline. It is really important to get your application in on time as universities and colleges don’t have to consider any applications after this deadline. They might if they have spaces still, but they don’t have to so its super important to pick your five choices before this date! It costs £27.50 to pick 5 choices! You need to make sure that you have all of your personal details filled out and a reference sorted. This reference could be from your teacher at college/sixth form or an academic tutor! If you are unsure about anything speak to a member of staff at your teaching institution and they will be able to help. I have attached a link to have a look at dome more information:

UCAS Deadlines | When To Apply For University Courses

What Do You Need To Do?
To make sure your application runs smoothly do these following steps: 😃

- Find different courses that you want to apply to

- Fill in your details, your expected/achieved grades and the course choices

- Write your personal statement to demonstrate your motivations for studying at university, why you chose the course you have and why they should pick you

- Include your reference as mentioned earlier

- Pay your application fee

The process is nice and easy but if you do get stuck then ask someone for advice! Feel free to comment and ask questions if you need. We’re here to help!

How To Make Your Five Choices

It can be a challenging time deciding which five choices to go with. Don’t worry! Make sure you take your time to look at the course in detail, the academic requirements, the modules offered and the university. It is a huge decision to make but everyone will be feeling this! Really research and look at your career goals and find universities and courses which align to this. If in your future career you need to have an accreditation, make sure the course you do is accredited. These are really easy to find on each university’s website. Feel free to call or email any university to ask questions. A lot of people will pick some options with a higher-grade requirement and then some options with lower requirements just in case. Make sure that your predicted grades align with what the university requires to make sure you get the best opportunity of being offered a place! 😸

What To Do If You Haven’t Chosen Which University To Firm Yet

It's okay if you are unsure which university you want to go to. You still have months to narrow down your options from five to one so no need to panic. : You just need to choose your five options and then once you have received your offers you have until July to make your firm and insurance choices! Make sure you research your course of choice and university. Attend as many events as possible to really get a feel for the university. Open Days are a great way to visit the university and see how they work and feel! You have plenty of time to narrow it down later on; just focus on picking your favourite five choices and then you have a while to narrow it down later!

Please reach out if you have any questions 😃

Hannah 🐄
De Montfort University Student Rep
Msc Psychological Wellbeing Student
(edited 6 months ago)
How many of DMU’s courses get closed after the January deafline, I mean deadline, most years?
(edited 6 months ago)
Original post by PQ
How many of DMU’s courses get closed after the January deafline, I mean deadline, most years?

Hi there @PQ - thank you for asking this question!

Usually some of our most competitive, placement-based programmes, meaning the Allied Health Science programmes and Health and Life Sciences programmes, can become difficult to get into after the January deadline. This can be a bit of a worry or stress! 😅

Programmes that fill up are mostly reliant on how many students that particular year go for those courses and if they are popular, such as Paramedic Science BSc, Pharmacy MPharm, or Diagnostic Radiography BSc, they may fill up due to the limited number of placements allocated to them.

It isn't a definite hard deadline or final chance, as many know and UCAS states, at least for us here at DMU! It is however worth remembering that after this date applications are not equally weighted and competitive programmes can fill up😥

Any questions for myself, or our lovely Hannah 🐄, fire away! 🔥

-Rose🌹, De Montfort University Rep.
Most courses are still available after the deadline and are available in clearing.

There are about 1/2 dozen universities who dont accept applicants after the deadline and a smaller number who close most courses.

Course in healthcare tend to close earlier due to demand but the vast majority of courses remain open. As an example DMU had 114 courses still available in clearing for 2023 on results day.

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