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GCSE 1 to 1 tutors

Does anyone know of good biology and computer science teachers who can teach 1 to 1
hi! i didn’t have any tutors and achieved an 8 -couple marks from a 9- (and self taught biology) but incase you want any tips here’s what i did:
-watch @sciencewithazel on youtube where she condenses paper 1 and 2 in an approximately separates 2 hour videos
-then, i made notes on her video (not necessary if u don’t want to) and then put those notes into anki flashcards - search this on google
-if u have a computer you can use the anki app for free, but if u don’t u do have to pay, however when reviewing previous cards you can use it for free on ankiWEB
-after making these flashcards i revised them almost every day
-once doing the flashcards i went to physics&maths tutor on google and did the selected gcse paper
- then i marked it using the mark scheme and put down any incorrect answers in the anki flashcards
- so the next time i reviewed my flashcards i could see the answers i got wrong on a past paper so the next time i did the same paper , i got all the answers correct!!
- biology is mainly about memorising content so flashcards will be ur main man and they are very answer specific so past papers help extremely with that
-They repeat exam questions a lot!! I saw questions in past papers in my real exam :smile:)
- I did all past papers from 2016-2022
- Keep in mind i only started past papers around feb and did a past paper every other day from march/april
- Don’t worry if you don’t see results immediately!! With biology it’s all about practice and copying exactly what the mark scheme wants :wink:
(haha ignore this if you actually need a tutor and don’t want to do this yourself)
It’s definitely possible to achieve high grades, and i hope you do amazingly!!🥰
Hi, I am happy to help! I am offering online tuition for Computer Science. I'm a Year 13 who achieved a 9 at GCSE, predicted an A* for A Level Computer Science and planning to study the Subject at University. Please PM me for more details :smile:

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