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Living alone whilst doing degree

Is it possible/has anyone managed to live alone and pay rent/bills etc whilst completing a degree?
Of course it’s possible but it depends on your sources of income and how large they are plus your costs (and what compromises you’re willing to make) for accommodation.

Most people who do this are either wealthy/have some savings or they work alongside their studies. They also usually study in areas of the country where accommodation is cheaper.
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Is it possible/has anyone managed to live alone and pay rent/bills etc whilst completing a degree?

Hey there 😀

It is indeed possible! However, it depends to a large extent on which city you choose and what lifestyle you lead.
In a city like Leicester, known for being one of the more affordable cities for students in the UK, balancing studies and living expenses has never been an obstacle for me.

Compared to other cities, the accommodation, food, and transportation costs are relatively reasonable, which is a significant help when it comes to budgeting my money.

Moreover, if you study at De Montfort University (DMU), you can apply for flexible job opportunities for students. The university understands the financial challenges we often face and strives to provide various part-time job options that can complement the academic schedule.

For example, I am a student ambassador and work when I can or when the shift suits my schedule. Doing part-time (about 20 hours a week), I cover all expenses related to accommodation and living without any problem. I even manage to save a small amount of money monthly.

Living alone and managing your expenses during your degree definitely requires careful budgeting and time management, but with the support and opportunities available at DMU in the student-friendly Leicester, it can become a realistic and achievable goal.

I hope it was helpful 💪 Feel free to reach out if you have any questions 😉 You can also chat with me or other students directly through The Ambassador Platform.

Take care,

Psychology student
De Montfort University

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