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Student finance cancelled between semesters

Hi there!
So to start from the beginning, my boyfriend is currently a foundation year student and it’s his first degree (he studied previously but he dropped out in his 3rd year). He has been granted a full student loan for his current course (tuition and maintenance) and everything was great until he got a letter out of nowhere, that his funding had been cancelled due to him not attending his classes. Of course nothing like this has happened - university already got in touch with SFE twice to confirm his attendance. Although everything seems to correct for him to continue his studies, SFE postponed his application and pushed it back until the late January - which means he cannot attend his second semester - until the decision is made. We’ve tried to contact SFE multiple times but they always give us the same answer - “you have to wait for the decision”. My boyfriend is devastated that he cannot continue his studies. I was wondering if someone was in a similar situation? How did you solve this problem? Is there still a chance that SFE will keep funding his course? Andy advice is much appreciated!
Thank you!
Hi there. Providing the university have not notified us that he is in attendance again, then the funding should be reinstated. Any changes made mean the application has to be reassessed, so he would need to wait for it to be processed again from the timescales he has been given. Thanks, Leah.

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