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IGCSE Edexcel Computer Science

Hello! I'm struggling to find revision resources for this exam board and subject. In addition to this, my teacher doesn't really support us that much as the course is newly opened... Does anyone have notes they are willing to share please? I would really appreciate it! Thanks
Don't worry I'm in the same boat! I'm doing this without a teacher though 😭
I've made an anki flashcard deck covering the important stuff from the horrendous textbook which I could find a way upload to AnkiWeb if you've heard of it and want them. Its basically a spaced repetition flashcard software, mostly used by med students... so not very ideal for GCSE level stuff but yeah. But honestly, after going over the exam papers, the flashcards are not that great for the style of questions, so I know this is VERY late, and I personally should have started revising earlier but I recommend doing as many past papers as possible then memorising the mark scheme. This spec doesnt have many, so i plan on doing the normal edexcel GCSE ones aswell, just skipping the content that isnt in our spec. Also, Pearson has got some example/model answers on their website for the 2019 paper that I was literally going through now before coming here looking for some help, this is the link:

And about your teacher, so many are like that, I recommend actually going up to them and asking for stuff, as well as asking questions. Though i understand some teachers don't even give proper answers so...

Also, do you have any idea how to get a grasp around the mark scheme for igcse CS, because I don't know how to approach questions, because with each subject you eventually get a hand around how they want you to write your answers, but this one is just something else...

Good luck!

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