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What do you guys think about this laptop

So I've just turned 18 and want to use my money to get a decent laptop for university, I'm going to do a maths course and this is the one i have in mind at the moment, what do you guys think/ do you have any other recommendations
looks pretty cool
Buy this, or something like it for £180 or less:
Ebay Dell 7410

Dump Windows and install Linux (eg Debian with KDE Plasma on it).

Why spend £899 on that John Lewis laptop when you can have a Dell premium business of the calibre of a Latitude 7410 for £180? Especially in the context of it being a tool to support your maths studies and for general personal use.

If you don't need the laptop now, wait till August and buy from ebay then. You may be able to bag a fully working Dell 7420 for £180 during your summer holidays. Or a HP 840 G7 or G8 for under £200.

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