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Can I finish an apprenticeship before EPA?

I’ve been doing a level 3 in early years for 2 years now as part of an apprenticeship. I’ve achieved my diploma but am now waiting to go throw end point assessment. I am so unhappy where u work and I have a lot of personal issues going on at home which is really affecting my mental health. My college has been terrible, I’ve had 3 assessors in the last 2 years, one of which was on leave for a long time and had no support from any other assesor within that time.

I have been offered a new job elsewhere, and as far as I am aware they cannot legally withhold my diploma from me but my assessor is saying I cannot leave until I do my EPA or else she doesn’t get funding but I physically cannot go on where i currently work anymore.

Is it possible for me to leave without doing the EPA, and pay the remainder of what it would cost for me to go through EPA as it’s affecting me so much staying where I am??
Can you do your EPA at your new job?

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