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your stuff will probably go walkies, be prepared. but its alright, share and share alike. the more you take, the more you will have at the end of the year. if you dont was up, dont take 101 plates and just let them pile up by the sink cause then people like me get upset. id say a set of 4-6 plates, bowls, cutlery etc a frying pan and a saucepan. and some plasic cups. ikea has nice plastic wine glasses. dont get really expensive stuff cause its only upsetting if it breaks or goes missing. argos or ikea are best. or just take some from home, dont know about everyone else but my mum has about 7 different sets of crockery, i dont think she misses the ones that i stole. you should get a decent sized cupboard for your food and crockery per person, if it doesnt fit you called always just put some of it on top of your wardrobe or something in case of breakages. im sure the majority would take too much rather than too little.

we didnt share food when i lived in halls, but now we tend to share bread, milk etc and use eachothers plates and stuff more.

it should specify in the accomodation brochure how much space you get.

its not that bad, its not something to stress about but i cant say i will be to devastated when i have to leave the student kitchen behind when i graduate. and im so glad we have a dishwasher in our house, otherwise i would have had a nervous breakdown.
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i think it depends upon how many people your sharing with and how well you get on with them. obviously if there is a huge number in one kitchen you are unlikely to get on well with everyone n you will get the ones who dont care and will annoy you but in smaller flats you tend to be closer with your flatmates and thus kitchen sharing is easier. im in a flat of 6 and were fairly close we share most stuff and just replace it. i wouldnt hold to many presumptions see what it throws at you.
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