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Quitting social media

This seems like a crazy idea to someone like me, social media has been a dominant thing in most of my life. Recently, I've been contemplating the idea of completely stepping away, as I feel I haven't been using my time wisely. What prompted this decision is the fact that I miss taking time to do my hobbies. I get mad at myself for not doing so. I've always loved the creative side of life (I want to write this one story I've been daydreaming about for months and even turn it into a comic?). Social media makes me compare myself to others a lot which is a habbit im trying to stop.

Has anyone done this before? Is it worth it?
It could be good to start with having one day a week without any social media, and focus on doing other hobbies instead that day? Then if you like it, you can increase the days :h:

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