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PhD stipend and universal credit issue

Ok I started a PhD in 2019 full time with stipend. Had time out when I had a baby and went back part tine. My PhD payments are monthly, for the first 3 years of my course, until June 2024 when my funding runs out, though my course still runs until 2027 (as I am part time). So I will not receive student funding for the final year's of my study. And I have been on an interruption for the last 3 months(Dec,Jan,Feb)
Universal credit have not paid me any different even though I have had no stipend. They say my annual stipend amount must be taken into consideration for every month I am on the course even if I don't receive it I have not had any payment in these months.
As well as this, they say my payment won't go up when my funding runs out either.
Unfortunately, since my funding will end in June 2024, but I will be paid from UC as if I am still receiving it, I will have to withdraw from my studies. I will not be able to survive on the amount I would get. I have also had no other payment than 800 for this month. I have no money or food it's been truly horrendous with no end in sight. My MP hasn't been much use and I have no idea what to do other than quit asap.
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There aren't many options other than get a job. I know plenty of people that worked alongside a part-time PhD, most of them self-funded so it can be done.
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I have two disabled children I care for full time so I can not really work

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