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To med students in Ireland: about your interpersonal experience and campus life

Hey guys, I'm wondering about your interpersonal experience and the teaching quality at TCD, UCD, RCSI, UoG, UCC, are people kind to you? Which school is more theoretical than teaching clinical knowledge from on-spot interactions?
For foreigners with their second language as English: how will the school help you overcome these challenges and build up the network? Is it very competitive among classmates especially among students?(I'm an EU applicant)
Plus, will the program help you in reality to improve your communication skills in both interpersonal and clinical settings? Do you think it helped you grow as a person by connecting meaningfully with your classmates and teachers, or is it still mostly based on your self study alone?
Your kind sharing will help me decide the ranking of these schools in my application, thanks for anyone that leaves any comments!

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