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Please help - fitness to practice panel

I’m really concerned for one of my best friends. He is a dental student in one of his last years of dental school and he’s managed to get himself into a lot of trouble.

If anybody could offer any advice it would be most appreciated
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Just Giving this a bump, hoping someone will reply.

And god forbid, if he is expelled, would he be able to apply to a dental school abroad to finish his degree and could he ever register with the GDC and work on the UK again?
You've posted enough specifics to make your friend easily identifiable to people who know his situation, especially as there aren't that many dentistry courses out there and you've previously mentioned where you study. Assuming this is about a friend and not about yourself, I'd double check that he's comfortable with you posting on his behalf and limit the details you share.

The best advice is for him is to be honest and to cooperate with the dental school.
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Good advice above from MedicOwl. The fitness to practise process is forward looking. It’s about protecting the public, declaring and upholding standards of practice and conduct, and maintaining the reputation of the profession. What your friend needs to demonstrate is that he has understood what he did wrong and why he did it; that he is sorry for it; that he has taken steps to remedy the situation; and has has put in place strategies to ensure that something similar won’t happen again. A written reflection can be a good way of achieving this. It needs to be a really honest piece of reflection. He needs to take full ownership of what he has done and not seek to minimise it or pass blame. It is difficult to advise more fully without knowing the full circumstances. There is understanding within professional regulatory processes that people make mistakes, can learn from them., and can become better professionals as a result. But full insight and taking responsibility for wrongdoing is key to this. Good luck to your friend.

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