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help- might be moved to foundation science

I take triple science and did pretty badly in my mocks, this is because I am just genuinely not a science person and don't understand a lot of it, but I still want to do higher because I think I could get at least a 6/7 in bio and chem.

In my mocks (first set which we just got results for) I got a 6 in bio (almost a 7) a 4 in chem and a U in physics (couple away from a pass), which I expected since I really do not understand/ cannot comprehend that subject.

A teacher posted our next mock dates for science, and she added that they are going to give us whatever paper they feel is best for us to sit in the real GCSEs, and this probably means I will get a foundation physics paper which is embarrassing, as foundation triple isn't really a thing.

However my teacher said they decide whether to move us to foundation after these mocks, so I am a bit confused.

The main thing I am worried about is the people in my class finding out, they would literally eat me alive and I would get relentlessly made fun of, as they are all really smart and good at science. We are sitting some of the science papers in our PSHE/ maths lesson, and I think the teacher may read out the list for higher/ foundation and then ppl will find out I am doing foundation. That is the thing I am most afraid of bc I know it will be mortifying.

I am just assuming I will be put on foundation, as I am one of 3 people in the entire class to fail physics. Is it possible to opt out of foundation? I will find out if I am doing it on parents evening but my friend said we can just say we don't want to do it. Does anyone know if I can just say no? Also, if I get put onto foundation for one of them will I be put on it for the other 2?

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