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Studying in the US

Im a year 12 student studying Maths, Further maths, Economics and Computer science. I plan to apply to do either Computer science, Finance or some sort of mix (Fintech perhaps)

I have no clue how the US applications work. Would anyone care to explain:

How I could make this possible, (Entry tests, application process)

What it’s like studying in the US (I’ve heard something about majors and minors?)

Any financial aid I could receive or steps I could take in order to receive it

For refrence, I’m an A/A* student looking to apply to universities in the top 30. Location in the states does not bother me at all.
did u try to sign up for the sutton trust US programme? theres also the US college roadshow i think its called where some colleges from the US come to the UK and speak about it

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