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I am about to finish a bachelors in computer science, with a specialty in cyber security. I have a very strong maths knowledge background, however at college I was not sure about my career path so I did an extended diploma (BTEC) in ICT, rather than A-levels. I got D*D*D.

I've now realised that I really want to get into engineering, and am considering doing a masters degree in an engineering field. I've looked at the top unis' prerequisites and it seems that A-levels are a must. I don't have an issue taking A-level exams in maths/FM next year, but obviously this would set me back a year or so, and so I'm curious as to how important going to a top/target uni is for engineering? As I can probably get into a decent but not target uni with my current qualifications/circumstances. Thanks!

To answer your question firstly, I have only heard of "target universities" in the context of investment banking. It's not a thing in engineering. It may be easier for graduates from some universities to get into some companies, but that's often due to industrial links or course specialisms.

I'd seek confirmation that you'd get into an engineering masters with A-levels plus a comp sci degree before you commit to taking A-level maths and further maths.

Lastly, why do you want to go into engineering when you already have a bachelors in computer science, especially with a specialism in cyber security?

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