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Asking in advance, I am currently an Open university student and was homeschooled before that. I am going to apply for midwifery at Salford university for 2025. but have no reference other than open uni and distance learning provider but none of them have met me in real life. Will these count or will I have no reference to provide. I tried to volunteer at a school but again had no reference to give them. I don't know anyone else other than family.
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Hiya! I'm by no means a professional, just a fellow applicant, but from what I know you're doing the right thing by getting all the references you can. Two should usually be fine, since those are the people who did nevertheless teach you in one way or another. You don't have to have met them as long as they still have enough experience with you to be able to vouch for your skills, work ethic and whatnot. I believe it would be best to mention that they were only your teachers under the conditions of distance learning, maybe they could at least talk about how you were able to make the best of your circumstances or how you're an efficient communicator. So yeah, I think you should be fine, best of luck!
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Thanks that makes me feel a bit better 😊

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