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I'm currently coming towards the end of my BSc Biomedical Sciences degree, I graduate in May, however i've realised too late that this is not the career for me. I'm looking to apply for the Higher Education Diploma in dental hygiene and therapy at the University of Sheffield to start in April 2025, and i'm wondering if I would be eligible for funding from SFE for this? I've already had 3 years of tuition and maintenance loans for my current degree, but am I correct in saying I'm eligible for 1 more year of funding and I'd have to pay the rest myself? The course I want to apply for is full time, 2 years (£9250 each) plus a 3rd year with only one term (£2,312). Thanks! :smile:
Hi carol0405,

Dental Hygiene courses are considered to be an exception from previous study rules as long as you are not registered in that field. This means that you should be eligible as long as the university and course attracts SFE funding and you meet all other standard eligibility criteria.

Thanks, Clare

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