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My eyes are looking wrinkled up close but im only a teen

So recently I had been rubbing my eye a lot and it’s made it look wrinkly in the corner of my eye and theres just like a dark bit where the crinkles are
I used the garner vitamin c eye cream and it’s not helping to make it any brighter
It’s been like this for a while now and it’s still the same and not to mention the fact I’m only a teenager so why would I have wrinkles
Yo boss:

Rubbing of the eyes will not directly cause wrinkles; however, when you rub your eyes you can cause the skin there to be irritated, so it may look red or swollen. If you persistently rub your eyes, your skin there will thicken sort of like a callous. Squinting can exacerbate wrinkles and also lead to wrinkling.

Main target is to stop rubbing your eyes. Then tackle the inflamation:

Keep hydrated, cold compresses, good diet, minimise salt intake, if you sleep on your front- change that, sleeping on the back is better.

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