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Is Fallowfield that bad??

Hi, I’m going to be starting my masters at the University of Manchester in September and have been looking at student houses in Fallowfield. I’m getting a bit concerned because everything I read is talking about how unsafe it is and how much crime there is! Due to the nature of my masters I’m going to have to bring a car with me too to get to placement and I’m worried it’s going to get stolen !! Anyone who has lived there is it really that bad or is it like any student city?
Like any student city - loads of students- great social life.
You could always live further out in Withington or Didsbury, especially if you have a car - some really lovely places there!
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It's not that bad, but you are always going to get low-level crime in student areas, it's the nature of the beast - especially around big city campuses.
Hi! I lived in Fallowfield for 3 years of my degree, 1 in halls then 2 in a shared house. A lot of undergrads live in Fallowfield, and so it is a massively student area. It does have some pubs and food spots and a Sainsburies, but looking at a more residential area might be better for you! I think the main problem you'd have is a lot of people out and about at night, which can cause worry if your car isn't in a garage. Someone above had mentioned Withington - which is great and only about ten minutes walk from Fallowfield but a lot more 'grown up'. Didsbury is also beautiful, just past Withington but a lot more rural and residential while still being a popular weekend trip for a lot of students! Also if you like walking and nature, Didsbury has a botanical garden and a park, and I don't think you'd have to worry about your car there. I hope that helps!
Some parts can be dodgy at night but great for the most part. Has a lovely sainsburys too for late night shopping.

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