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Integrated foundation year courses for physics and NatSci

So I’ve been looking at different university routes for a physics or physical natsci degree as I’m really really keen on applying for one soon(I’m in y12)
Even though I’m working pretty well and am quite I’d like to say a good student- my school is super strict with predictions and pride themselves on “accurate” predictions meaning while not always the case, it is certainly not unheard of getting unfairly low predictions, which most students always get above.

Hence, I got interested in a foundation year course since on uni websites like Nott it says it’s good for students who haven’t met entry requirements.

Could someone please give me some more information about this route for STEM? My friend said it only applies in extenuating circumstances however that’s not what it said on the websites?? What are the pros and cons ? Also is the application process same as any other undergrad course through UCAS??

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