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Does anyone feel like their set in school let them down?

For me it was definitely science. I was in one of the lower sets in school for science but in my school sets 1-5 did higher tier with set 6 and 7 foundation. Set 1 was triple science whilst the others were double. We had supply teachers from years 7 to year 9 hence why I was so bad but borderline C grade. I made progress in set 5 and had my teacher from years 9 and 10 and then chose to move down to set 6 and do single science and foundation because my class did separate papers not combined science which is what I am good at. I got a D and kept myself in set 5, we aimed for a C on 2 papers none of us got it so those with one D was kept in. It's a shame I left due to potential bullying. In set 6 my teacher expected me to know higher tier content on separate papers when I wasn't taught and I only excel in science if I am taught it, not if I know things on my own. I did learn too fast in set 6 and was slowish for set 5 and could have done better and got an extra GCSE at CC or BB.
In other subjects like maths I know things my set didn't, and I was in set 2. If I was in set 1 I would have done better I think.
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