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First job advice!? manager wants me in 5 days when everyone else WFH for 2?

I’m one month into my first full time job, so not sure how to go about this situation. When I applied for the job it was advertised as 3 days in office and 2 days at home. When asking my manager about this I was told to come in every day for the first month and then see where we are. Despite this, I have a good feeling he’s going to want me to keep coming in during our next meeting.

The person that is training me is WFH on those 2 days, so we are communicating online whilst I’m in the office. They’re now also sitting completely separate to me so we message online every day now anyway. I completely understood that it was the best way for me to learn by coming in but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me if the person that’s training me isn’t coming in anyway and isn’t working closely with me.

People from other teams who are new were also very confused as to why I hadn’t been working from home since the start, as they had been. What can I do from here? After reading my contract again it doesn’t specifically say 2 days home, 3 days in but that it’s up to my manager.

I’ve picked up the job quickly and know I can do it from home. I’d also like that hybrid balance and do understand that I’m new.

What should I do/say from here? Is it fair for me to say something? I need advice!!
If your contract doesn’t specify, then it’s just down to you to have a chat with your manager and see if they have any concerns about you moving to WFH for some days in line with your colleagues and the job advert.

Ultimately it’s up to them so you have to keep it constructive and positive.

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